About Us

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Vabrika Arts is a textile design studio, founded by Fajrina Razak with a mission in mind. Our work ethic is based on slow living, playing with patterns and motifs made by hand, reliving traditions in the contemporary. Our artistry is experimental and spontaneous while revisiting motifs designed by our ancestors, understanding history, heritage and global connections that we share through batik. 

Vabrika provides a collection of batik scarves that are timeless and everlasting.  Each scarf goes through care of cutting, waxing, hand-painting and boiling wax off for a finishing, in our studio. Vabrika promotes eco-conscious, by producing no-waste pattern-making in our scarves.  We are passionate in our batik craft and we believe in sustaining this tradition for the longest time. We collaborate with innovative artists and designers who share our passion for traditional textiles.

Vabrika scarves and apparels are proudly made in Singapore.