What I’ll be crafting?

Batik is a Javanese traditional method of creating designs and patterns onto fabric using wax-resist dyeing technique. Get hands-on experience of painting your very own fabric using tools such as tjanting, hot wax and colour dyes. We conduct workshops suitable for different age groups.

Our workshops are available for corporate and private bookings. Workshops come in three ranges: Introduction to Batik, Team-Building Batik and Pop-ups. For a guide on pricing, check below:

Introduction to Batik is available in two different types.

  • Mini Batik for events and parties up to 50 pax.This is an enjoyable, painting workshop suitable for children to adults without using hot wax. Workshop will last up to 1 hour. Trainer fee is $70/hr, workshop to be held at designated venue arranged by the organizing company.  
  • Batik Painting Basics are suitable for youth and adults aged 10 and above, up to 30 pax. Participants will learn how to use the wax tool, tjanting and painting methods. Duration of workshop can be arranged in 2 or 3 hours, to be held at designated venue arranged by the organizing company.  Click here for an example of Batik Painting Basics.

Team-Building Batik: Consist of 4 Sets of 1x1m fabric suitable for a group of 12-24 pax for up to 3 hours. Participants are able to customized the workshop should you decide not to handle the hot wax. Pricing is based on $180/set, with additional sets available, price inclusive of treatment of fabric after event and hemming of edges. Click the link for an example:

Pop-up: We conduct a more personal workshop suitable for individuals at different locations in collaboration with other organizations throughout the year. Sign up for newsletter to receive updates on our pop-up workshops.

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