Batik Demonstration + Community Painting workshop

What I’ll be crafting?

Batik is a Javanese traditional method of creating designs and patterns onto fabric using wax-resist dyeing technique. Get hands-on experience of painting your very own fabric using tools such as tjanting, hot wax and colour dyes. We conduct workshops suitable for different age groups.

Our workshops are available for corporate and private bookings. For a guide on pricing, check below:


  1. Batik Demonstration + Community Painting (2.5 hr session) : $650
    Popular with public events, this programme is a free-style wax drawing by artist(s) with the public getting some hands-on experience at painting the fabric. The results will be an artwork collectively painted by the community.
    1 set of 2.4-metre fabric – $650 + $100 (subsequent hour)


  2. Batik workshop with hot wax for groups (3 hr session): 
    Learn the history of Batik and get hands-on wax technique using tools such as tjanting, hot wax and dye painting techniques. Suitable age group: 10 and above. Complete 42X30cm and/or 20X20cm individual paintings. (Without finishings like applying fixer and boiling off the fabric.) 
    At your venue –  ($35 x No. of pax) + $250 base fee. Engagement of minimum 6 pax, maximum 60 pax. 
    Extra venue requirements: Tables, water and electric points. 
    At our TKS studio – ($35 x No. of pax) + $100 base fee. Engagement of minimum 5 pax, maximum 20 pax


  3. Teambuilding Batik with hot wax (3 hr session): $720 for 4 sets of 1×1 metre fabric
    Get hands-on wax technique using tools such as tjanting, hot wax and dye painting techniques. Complete a 1x1metre painting as a team.

    Recommended age group: 10 and above. Suitable for group or corporate teambuilding session with 12-32 pax.
    Pricing is based on $180 per set, inclusive of treatment of fabric after event and hemming of edges. Minimum engagement of 4 sets with additional sets available upon bookings.

    Click the link for an example:


  4. Weekend Open studio at TKS #405 (2 hr session): $38 per student/session 
    Every selected Saturdays of the month, Fajrina will be opening her working studio for individuals interested in Batik painting.
    These sessions are open for beginners to experienced artists wanting to experiment with batik and progress at every session at your own pace. Learn Batik techniques using tools such as tjanting, hot wax, dye painting techniques, dye immersion techniques, fixing treatment and boiling of fabric.

    As this is a low supervision session and hot materials are involved, the recommended age for this workshop is 10 years old and above. All materials are provided. The studio is equipped with basic Batik tools such as tjanting, stretchers, colour dyes, cotton fabrics, brushes, etc. 
    Maximum students per session: 12

    3 Available Sessions:
    9.30am – 11.30am,
    12pm – 2pm,
    2pm – 4pm.

    Sessions start from 18 May 2019. Online bookings will be open soon, stay tune! 

    Weekend Open Studio







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